Enduring Excellence in Learning, Leadership, Innovation, and Service

Strategic Plan

The Indian Hill Schools G.O.L.D. Strategic Plan for Transformation Excellence represents our vision and goals for continuing the excellence in education our community expects and deserves.

The Plan addresses how we can best serve ever-changing student needs and use our internal and external resources to the fullest extent possible. In this way, we prepare students for a rewarding and successful life after their time at Indian Hill, and we honor the trust the community has placed in us by ensuring we are operating in a fiscally responsible manner.

The G.O.L.D. Strategic Plan for Transformational Excellence features four strategic focus areas:
*Global Competence
*Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness
*Learning-Based Culture
*Dynamic Stakeholder Engagement

These areas, including related goals, strategies, and measures, are outlined in this overview

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If you have any questions about the Strategic Plan, feel free to contact your building principal or Superintendent Dr. Mark Miles, 513/272-4500
Indian Hill Primary School Principal Jim Nichols, 513/272-4754
Indian Hill Elementary School Principal Whitney Buell, 513/272-4703
Indian Hill Middle School Principal Jennifer Ulland, 513/272-4642
Indian Hill High School Principal Jeff Damadeo, 513/272-4550