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Tara Keenan

A message from our Director of Communications:
Who better to share the story of Indian Hill than the students who are living it?
That was our thought in creating a new series for you to enjoy called The Senior Experience. Working with our Indian Hill High School marketing class, we have the privilege of having student-intern Tara Keenan on board this school year as our FIRST Senior Experience journalist to share with you what it means to be Brave. Please enjoy Tara’s debut column, and look for more articles as we co-author the story of the 2019-2020 school year. 

Go, Braves!
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By Indian Hill High School Senior Experience Journalist Tara Keenan
We are, and always will be, Braves!
My name is Tara Keenan, and as a current senior at Indian Hill High School, I live by this motto, as do many others just like me. But this hasn’t always been my life. After being born in England, my mom took a new job and moved our family to Singapore, seven years after that we made our second move to China where I went to school until seventh grade. Shortly after, we made our final stop in Cincinnati, where I would get to finish high school. 
Saying I hadn’t had a normal childhood would be an understatement. Moving isn’t always easy, but Indian Hill was my final stop, and I was determined to make it my new home. 
Spirit and involvement are two of the most important things that Indian Hill students aim to foster in the school, this atmosphere prompted me to become involved in a number of activities such as: Field Hockey, Key Club, Partners Club, DECA, and more. Becoming involved in these activities allowed me to step out of my comfort zone; to make new friends and try new things. Being a senior in high school is a stressful experience; applying to colleges, taking difficult classes, and getting ready to leave your entire life behind. But it is also the best year of your high school career. 
Senior year has just begun, and is already shaping to be the best year of my life. Throughout this series, I will give an insider's perspective into exactly why senior year is so amazing … so stay tuned for more insight into the true Indian Hill High School Senior Experience.

Photo caption: Indian Hill High School Senior Experience journalist Tara Keenan on vacation in California.