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Indian Hill High School senior earns Congressional Award

IHHS student Anay Gautham

Indian Hill High School (IHHS) student Anay Gautham designed a personalized plan for growth that earned the senior a Congressional Award. On September 12, 2019, Gautham received his official notification; he was a bronze medal recipient. 

“This project-based approach is helpful in building focus and commitment,” said Gautham. “The flexibility in setting goals also allowed me to pursue different interests.”

Supported by his school advisor, Dennis Dupps, Gautham defined goals in four pre-determined areas: voluntary public service, physical fitness, personal development, and an expedition. Per the Congressional Award standards, the goals are completed over time and have requirements related to months of activity and total hours spent.

“I appreciated the ability to set goals in four categories and the discipline to pursue them over time,” said Gautham. “I have seen improvements in my physical fitness, learned about new video making tools, volunteered to support a nonprofit, and explored the amazing Redwoods!

“It is a wonderful training opportunity to learn how to set and accomplish goals over time. It helps you reinforce your strength and discover new passions. This discipline is an important life skill for each of us.”

Gautham will receive the official medal during an award presentation hosted by a local congressional office.

Photo caption: Indian Hill High School senior Anay Gautham with his official Congressional Award notification.