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Senior Experience Football

Becoming a senior makes you learn how to make the most of every moment. There are so many little things that make our senior year special. It’s hard to think about experiencing so many things for the last time: last homecoming; last football season; our last time experiencing everything with the people closest to us. 

Have you ever noticed how many students are wearing the Indian Hill camo pants at every Friday night football game? It’s actually a tradition for the senior Lady Braves!

This year, I could not wait to wear mine.

One of the things I’ll look back on and remember the most are the football games. Just like so many things at Indian Hill, football games are tradition. These nights are such momentous occasions we will remember forever. Wearing our camo pants; cheering until we’ve lost our voices; and the rivalry against the opposing team are all parts of our lives we’ll hold with us forever. 

These games are nights when we all come together and become part of a team even if we aren’t playing the actual game. 
No matter what role you play in these nights: player, marching band, or just cheering the team on, the games are a part of our lives we’ll remember forever. It’s hard to think that in just a year we’ll have to say goodbye to our friends, our family, and everything that is so amazing about Indian Hill High School. These games are where community really shines. There is no place you could imagine where teamwork and togetherness are more apparent than Tomahawk Stadium.
It’s so great to be a Brave, and these games encompass the best thing about our school: spirit. No matter if you enjoy football or have never watched the sport before, these games are a place you can get to feel like part of a team. I know that after graduation, the football games are one of the things I’ll remember forever, making me feel so lucky that I was able to be a part of this amazing school. One thing I’ll always remember: Once a Brave, always a Brave. 

Photo caption: Indian Hill High School Senior Experience journalist Tara Keenan sporting her senior camo with friends during a Friday night football game.