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OCTOBER 9 UPDATE: IHSD announces plan monitoring

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The well-being of our students and staff is always at the core of our decisions. Our administration has been actively monitoring data updates involving COVID-19 spread. While we utilize the Hamilton County Health Alert System to guide us, we also use other data to help inform our educational planning. 

At this time, we plan to continue in “Plan A” (our five day a week, face-to-face learning model) for all students who are not enrolled in Brave Virtual Academy. We also continue to closely monitor conditions.

For the past two weeks, Hamilton County has been listed in alert level “Red” which is considered a Level Three emergency. Within the four-level tiered system, this begins to rise to the higher end of concern. The Hamilton County Health Alert System levels are updated every Thursday with 7 days’ worth of trailing data. The District has shared the following as information that is considered when planning to shift models:

• The District will study trend data at two week intervals.
• The County alert system has multiple (7) indicators we are watching weekly.
• We are watching the weekly reproductive number, (under 1.0 is good).
• We are looking at demographic data by age and zip code available on the Hamilton Health Commission website.
• We are using contiguous district data, and discuss regularly with colleagues from neighboring districts.
• We are analyzing both anecdotal and informal input and feedback from questions posed to our County Health Commissioner and Medical Doctor on regular weekly calls.
• We are following local and state health orders.
• We are following our own internal record keeping on suspected cases, and we use the COVID-19 case flow chart we shared online.

We want to take this opportunity to remind all parents and guardians of the importance of working with the District as partners in safety so that we can continue to stay face-to-face. Parents are asked to continue to fill out the PickUp Patrol health monitor each day. Additionally, parents should call our COVID-19 Hotline at (513) 272-9698 and speak to District Nurse Shelley Hoyer, the designated COVID-19 Coordinator, to report positive test results. This tracking system will be monitored daily for updated reporting on COVID-19 cases.  

We appreciate your continued patience and flexibility as we navigate these uncertain times together.
In service to our children,
Kirk Koennecke
Indian Hill School District