Love your #BRAVEmind

Erica Leppert

By Indian Hill Director of Pupil Services Erica Leppert

February marks the season of love. Store aisles are full of candy, cards, and stuffed animals to show your affection for those special people in your life. One of the best ways to love your child’s #BRAVEmind is to take care of their overall health.

The Indian Hill School District has a team of four Registered Nurses who provide excellent care for our students every day. These professionals are an excellent resource for information on how to keep our children healthy, and we want to provide you an opportunity to connect with their knowledge each week.

Starting this month, we will share helpful health information from this team of expert nurses on a range of topics from sleep, to preventing common injuries and illnesses, to brain health. This information will be available on our social media channels and each week in our District’s electronic newsletter, beBRAVE.  

If you aren’t signed up for our beBRAVE publication, be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram at the handle @IHPupilServices to see this valuable information.

Dedicated to the success of our Braves,

Erica Leppert
Director of Pupil Services
Indian Hill School District
Posted February 2, 2023