A celebration of Black History at the Indian Hill School District

CEO/Superintendent Kirk Koennecke

From studying STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) to literature, and arts to history – this February, during Black History Month – our students will celebrate across all buildings within the Indian Hill School District. As a District, we plan to celebrate this month through weekly postings on our social media platforms. We also wanted to share some of the ways our buildings will honor this important learning.
Indian Hill Primary School (IHPS):
    Students will explore the idea that children can make a difference and stand up for what they believe by studying Ruby Bridges or Claudette Colvin.
    Because Engineering Week is also in February, students will learn about African American engineers and career possibilities within the engineering field.
    Impactful quotes from famous Black Americans will be read on the announcements each morning. Teachers may choose to do a deeper dive to learn about the life of the person who made the famous statement.
    Thanks to the generosity of the IH PTO and their funding of the Rosa Jason Honor library collection, teachers will be able to utilize a wide variety of children's literature with diverse characters, rich representation, histories, and identities that represent our community of learners.
Indian Hill Elementary School (IHES):
    We will highlight multiple Black artists during our daily Morning Music.
    All students will be a part of our One Book, One School event highlighting the book 28 Days: Moments in Black History that Changed the World by Charles R. Smith Jr.  Teachers will read this book with their students throughout the month of February using it to highlight various African Americans who have had an impact on our world as well as events in our country’s history that have made significant change.
Indian Hill Middle School (IHMS):
    Students will partake in a variety of student choice activities throughout the entire month of February.
    Students will interact with the Google lesson “Explore Key Figures and Events in Black History”; students can select an area of interest and learn about Black history within STEM, Arts and Entertainment, Sports, Military, Government, Literature, Music, Fashion, and Food.
    Students will also have the opportunity to participate in two choice activities that will explore athletics, art, leadership, history, and literature using video, podcasts, and books.
Indian Hill High School (IHHS):
    Throughout the month, during announcements, we will share various Black History facts.
    On Wednesday, February 15, IHHS will hold an all-school assembly in the auditorium with songs, poems, and a presentation regarding music and the contributions of Black artists.
    On Monday, February 27, IHHS will hold a Black History Month celebration from 5:30 p.m. – 8 p.m. at the IHHS gym featuring music, a movie, arts and crafts, and food. This event is open to the community to enjoy.  

We want to thank our Indian Hill High School Diversity Awareness Student Leadership Team, including Skyy Williams, Chloe Hutton, Laila Peacock, Isabella Worsham, Morgan Gilbert, Sydney Frost, and Emery Cunningham for helping design activities to celebrate Black History Month at IHHS. We appreciate all our Braves for making the celebration of this month so uniquely Indian Hill.

In service to our children,
Kirk Koennecke
Indian Hill School District