‘Now, That’s Good Chemistry!’

Chemistry Podcast Launch

On Tuesday, January 17, the final bell sounded, and only educators remained inside Indian Hill High School chemistry teacher Sue Savage’s classroom. All eyes were on the big screen above her lab desk, as her voice beamed from Spotify through the speakers. Applause erupted as Savage announced the title of the newest educational tool for IHHS, “Now, That’s Good Chemistry!” – a cross-curricular podcast available now.

This was the launch of more than a podcast; this was the realization of a dream many years in the making.

“The podcast is a product of a collaboration with TERA (Toxicology Excellence in Risk Assessment) that began in February 2020, while discussing the movie ‘Dark Waters’ with my husband, Russ. Due to Covid and personal tragedy, the project went dormant,” explained Savage. “In March of 2022, Dr. Mike Dourson reached out to get the project back on track, and in June, Tom Millard, Julia Kunkel, Julie Pfeiffer and I met with Dr. Dourson and Bethany Hazen of TERA where the podcast and its name came to life.”

The podcast is a collaboration between students and faculty at Indian Hill High School. In addition to support from TERA, the team also found support through the Toxicology Education Foundation. Devoted to exploring chemicals in everyday life, the podcast incorporates multiple subjects.

“This project draws from all academic disciplines in its quest to demonstrate how chemistry is the basis for everything,” said Tom Millard, IHHS teacher and podcast co-producer. “Virtually anything can be broken down in its most fundamental form to chemistry. The show aims to show this in entertaining and surprising ways.”

“What a moment!” said Indian Hill High School Principal Jeff Damadeo, who was one of many attendees to the launch party. “I’m so incredibly proud of each member’s contribution to make this moment happen, and especially grateful to Sue for leading the way!”

Savage offers gratitude to those who have helped her turn the dream into reality.

“I want to thank Julia Kunkel and Julie Pfeiffer for their willingness to step out of their comfort zone. Lauren Richardson and Denny Dupps for their positive energies and technical expertise. Phil Clary and Kim Richardson for getting students Preston Marx, Liz George, and Ryan Kennebeck involved to develop the podcast's theme music and graphics. Dr. Mike Dourson and Bethany Hanzen for reaching out to stimulate the dormant project,” said Savage. “Finally, I want to thank Tom Millard for embracing the project, and sharing his creativity and talents.

“The hope is to have the podcast reach across all curriculum, and it inspires students and faculty to share their passion as it connects to chemistry. Teachers will use the podcast as a teaching tool in their classroom. The podcast is a legacy honoring my late husband, Dr. Russell E. Savage, Jr., who first shared with me the idea of working with TERA.”

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Photo caption: Indian Hill High School educators joined together for a special launch of the school’s new podcast, “Now, That’s Good Chemistry!” in teacher Sue Savage’s room on Tuesday, January 18, 2023.