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Keven Lewis and Simon Lococo

Within the Class of 2021, there are five students who have each dedicated four years of study to the field of engineering through Indian Hill High School’s nationally recognized engineering program offered in partnership with Great Oaks. We want you to meet those students and hear directly from them how this unique educational offering has helped shape their future plans.

Meet Kevin Lewis, Indian Hill High School Class of 2021

Future: I plan to work in the computer science/engineering industry following college, and I will use many of the things I learned in the four years of engineering courses I took at Indian Hill to help me at my job.

I've been interested in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) field for a while. I've enjoyed math and science classes throughout my school career and really enjoyed computer science when I started learning in middle school. Because of this, I figured engineering would be something I should enjoy doing.

Four years ago, my engineering knowledge was lesser and more focused really only on computer science. These four years taught me so much more about engineering and really broadened my perspectives on the entire field. I was introduced to many new and interesting branches, and I've learned to think broader in many situations.

My favorite engineering moment was probably flying gliders in Aerospace engineering. It was fun to design and build gliders using only the principles of flight that we learned in class. Then, seeing these principles come to fruition and work in front of our eyes was very fun and interesting. It is motivating when you can create a tangible thing out of nothing but the information you learned in class (and some balsa wood), and see it work.

I want potential students to know that the engineering classes are fun. You learn a lot, and you get to actually do and create things in the class. In many other classes, you learn something and that's it. But in engineering, you learn something, and then create something cool with it. It's a much more fun way to learn, and it is more effective than just listening to a lecture.

Photo caption (L to R): Kevin Lewis and Simon Lococo (Soldering in Digital Electronics class)