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Meet Chris Swallow
Chris Swallow with her family
My husband Andy and I moved to Symmes Township in the Indian Hill School District 21 years ago. At the time, we were expecting our first child and thought this would be a great starter home. Five years moved by very quickly and soon we were sending our oldest son off to kindergarten. We were hooked from the beginning. We knew that our children were in wonderful hands with the teachers and administrators at Indian Hill Primary School and we continued to be impressed as they moved through the District.  Now, our two oldest sons have graduated and moved on to college and our youngest son is an eighth grader. Over the years, we’ve been involved with coaching sports, volunteering with IH PTO, and the Indian Hill Foundation. We’ve filled many roles and met many wonderful teachers, parents, children, and administrators. Still in our starter house, a few remodeling projects later, we’re happy to call Indian Hill and Symmes Township our home.

To be a Brave is to live up to the exceptional standards of the Indian Hill School District. To be a Brave is to be responsible for your own actions, to pursue your individual interests, and achieve your personal best. It is a pursuit of excellence and individual potential with personal relationships, and academic and athletic achievements.

The #IH Promise is a promise to the diverse group of Brave students to help ALL of them grow, explore interests, and develop their academic talents, artistic talents, and athletic talents. It is a promise to deliver excellence in instruction and extracurricular opportunities.

I have raised a house of boys who have loved participating in sports through both the school district and club sports. Witnessing the development of skills, leadership and sense of community, especially through Indian Hill soccer, has been very special for our family. Knowing that Boosters is fostering these same connections for Braves’ families through the arts, extracurricular clubs, and athletics is a great feeling.

Photo caption: Indian Hill Boosters President Chris Swallow with her Brave family.