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#BRAVESpotlight – Meet Heather Koester

Heather Koester

Indian Hill Middle School Choir Teacher
Professional Twitter handle: @IHMSChoirs

Began serving the Indian Hill School District: 2002

Being a BRAVE is constantly striving to go one step further in the pursuit of excellence. Being a BRAVE extends beyond the classroom, and finding this pursuit of excellence in all aspects of my life. 

The #IHPromise is my promise to provide and promote opportunities both in and out of the classroom that guide students to become better musicians, learners, and better human beings. It is also a promise that I am exhibiting how I am becoming a better BRAVE throughout my years. 

The best moment of my day is when students decide to trust themselves (and me a little bit) and really sing. When they hand over their inhibitions and take a chance to sing in front of their peers, teachers, and community; sharing their gift of music with us.