Mark Richardson

Meet our Director of Technology

Mark Richardson
Mark Richardson, Director of Technology
Board of Education Office

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My #IHPromise – to innovatively meet the learning needs of all Indian Hill students, and to treat each student as a unique individual.

I plant innovative seeds … as in – in my off time – I’m an avid heirloom seed and plant propagator. While that may seem completely disconnected from my role as the director of technology at Indian Hill Schools – it is actually not. As a Brave, I do plant innovative seeds of learning … researching and expanding our technology offerings to enhance the student experience so every child grows. 

I have been a Brave since 1993.

I take great pride in the quality, depth, and breadth of the programs we offer at the Indian Hill Exempted Village School District. Observing the day-by-day, year-by-year growth of our students reminds me of the invaluable role each of us in the Braves community plays in growing our students.

The best part of my day continues to be when I witness those “aha” moments happen for both our students and our staff members.

When we discover, we grow.

When we learn, we grow.

I understand that each child is a unique individual ready for this discovery and learning to grow into the best version of themselves … just like my prized heirloom plants – all they require is our care and attention.

Began serving the Indian Hill Exempted Village School District: 1993

Professional Background: 
1993-Present: Teacher, Building Technology Facilitator, Coordinator of Instructional Data and Research, Director of Technology, Indian Hill Exempted Village School District

1989: Miami University, Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication
1993: Miami University, Master’s Degree in Teaching