Indian Hill High School DECA students advance to state


The Indian Hill School District congratulates the 71 Indian Hill High School (IHHS) students who earned accolades during the DECA District Competition on January 23 and January 25 at UC Clermont, advancing to the state competition.

“Our students performed exceptionally well against the best of the best in our district, and we are thrilled with the results,” said Indian Hill Marketing Instructor Phil Said, who mentors the DECA program in partnership with Great Oaks. “We are excited to see how our students perform at the state level in Columbus.”

The following students qualified for the DECA State Competition in March:

Jackson Kaster & Sophia Chen, Entrepreneurship Team
Gea Eshleman & Alyssa Kerr    , Business Law & Ethics Team
Drew Boylan & Anya Govil, Hospitality Team
JC Chen & Eli Camp, Finance Team
Arjun Velayutham, Business Finance
Yvonne Gao, IMC - Services
Jenna Arnold, Hospitality Selling
Kaylie Withers & Dakota Spurrier, Innovation Plan
Alex Bunkowske & Claire Wilkes, Entrepreneurship Team
Samantha Rozakis, Principles of Marketing
Marley Cady & Merrie Leder, Buying & Merchandising
Derek Zee, Entrepreneurship Series
Hollis Chan, Marketing Communications
Milana Barrett & Anna Johnson, IMC-Services
Karis Verratti & Quinn Wachtel, IMC- Product
Molly Schulhof, Innovation Plan
Lily Kahn & Michelle Lindberg, Marketing Management Team
Dan DeBow & Brady Evans, Sports Marketing Team
Lilly Dwyer & Lexi Larsen, Hospitality Team
Liz George, Principles of Finance
Ben Liebel & Nick Rinala, Finance Team
Urvi Garg, Principles of Business Admin
Samantha Kayne & Jessie Robinson, Buying & Merchandising
Emma Fitzpatrick, Accounting
Johan Bonomo, Business Finance
Jolyne Gunadi, Entrepreneurship
Cody Goldstone, Financial Accounting
Jordan Hall, Innovation Plan
Laura Kremer & Abigail Zender, Hospitality Team
Neelan Gandhi, Principles of Marketing
Nathan Bunkowske, Business Finance
Jenna O'Driscoll, Hotel Management
Alex Castellini, Sports Marketing
Ava Buffetta & Caroline Grace, Entrepreneurship Team
Myles Chen & Owen Quinn, Marketing Management Team
Kenzie Holum & Jim Liebel, Sports Team
John Anning & Charlie Isphording, Travel & Tourism Team
Vivian Whaley & Mia Bolden, Hospitality Team
Penn Picton, Principles of Finance
Ilias D'Ambrosia, Principles of Hospitality
Mia Sulfsted & Jackie Kahn, Buying & Merchandising
Hadley Yarnell, Apparel & Accessories
Christian Mangano, Automotive Services
Macy Overton, Retail Merchandising
Emeric McClure, Marketing Communications
Crisper Chabris, Entrepreneurship
Danny Hazen, Automotive Services
Brandon Yang, Business Services
Paige Rabenold, Food Marketing
Enguerrand Bonniol, Human Resources

DECA is a career and technical student organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs with a career interest in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. DECA enhances the preparation for college and careers by providing co-curricular programs that integrate into classroom instruction, apply learning, connect to business and promote competition. DECA student members leverage their DECA experience to become academically prepared, community oriented, professionally responsible, experienced leaders. DECA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with nearly 250,000 members in 4,000 high school and college chapters in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Germany.

Photo caption: A total of 71 Indian Hill High School students earned accolades during the DECA District Competition on January 23 and January 25 at UC Clermont will advance to the state competition in March.