Indian Hill High School student earns perfect AP Exam score

AP Perfect Score

The Indian Hill School District celebrates and congratulates Indian Hill High School senior Meghna Siripurapu for earning a perfect score on the AP® Research Exam, administered in May 2023. Advanced Placement® Exams are scored on a scale of 1 to 5. According to correspondence from test administrators, Siripurapu not only received the top score of 5, but was also one of only 357 students (amounting to just 1.26% of 2023 AP Research Exam takers) from around the world to earn every point possible on the challenging, college-level examination.

“I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to study Quantum Dot Luminescent Solar Concentrators (QD LSCs),” said Siripurapu. “I thank Professor Sergio Brovelli and Dr. Francesco Carulli from the University of Milano-Bicocca for guiding me through the research process in the Solar lab. I also thank Mrs. Kathryn Blankenship and Mrs. Jayci Menke for their guidance as my AP Research teachers.

“I have always been very interested in sustainability, and I wanted to pursue a project where I could further my interest while cultivating my research skills.

“QD LSC panels have the potential to be integrated into buildings, greenhouses, and various other systems. I hope that by understanding how the technology is impacted by environmental factors, we can integrate them into these systems to sustainably source electricity and minimize energy losses.”

“This is an incredible moment for both Meghna and our world-class team at Indian Hill High School,” said Indian Hill High School Principal Jeff Damadeo. “We could not be prouder of all she has accomplished, and we look forward to seeing how Meghna will continue her pursuit of investigation and research in the future.”

Photo caption: Indian Hill High School senior Meghna Siripurapu earned a perfect score on the AP® Research Exam administered in May 2023, one of 357 students to achieve this success globally.