Indian Hill celebrates student-athletes with signing ceremony

IHHS Athletic Signing

Six Indian Hill High School (IHHS) student-athletes took center stage at the IHHS Gym for a celebration Wednesday, November 9 to commit to continue both academic and athletic careers beyond high school during a college signing ceremony. Participating students included seniors Jordan Church, Emily Eckert, Mia Fiore, Gibson Holmes, Rose Vigran, and Courtney Wenker.

“These student-athletes are among the top six percent in the country who have earned the opportunity to advance athletic careers at the collegiate level,” said Indian Hill Athletic Director Brian Phelps. “We join their families and friends in congratulating them on this outstanding achievement.” 

Jordan Church – Arkansas State University, Soccer 
“I'd like to thank my parents, coaches, trainers, and friends who supported me through the years. They made me who I am today and I am grateful for all that they have done for me.”

Emily Eckert – Butler University, Lacrosse
“I'd love to thank God, my family, friends, and staff at Indian Hill High School for guiding and supporting me throughout recruitment. A special thanks to my mother, Sarah Eckert, my father, Ryan Eckert, and my sisters, Meredith and Lauren Eckert, as well as Chideha Warner, my trainer.”

Mia Fiore – Xavier University, Soccer
“I would love to thank God, my dad for instilling work ethic in me, my mom for pretty much everything, my family, coaches, friends, and my teammates for all their love and support. I would not be the person and player I am today without them.”

Gibson Holmes – Stanford University, Swimming
“I want to thank all the Indian Hill faculty, especially Matt Harrison, for leading the Aqua Braves. My past four years here wouldn't be the same without your support and dedication to excellence. Coaches Ken and Emilie at Mason Manta Rays and Kevin at Cincinnati Aquatic, your contributions to my life have been essential to my development. Your mentoring has permanently impacted who I am and will grow to be. Mom and Dad, I cherish your unconditional love and care for the family. By fostering my passions, you have helped me earn the opportunity of a lifetime. It's a dream come true to attend and represent Stanford University.”

Rose Vigran – George Washington University, Soccer
“I want to thank my parents, Chris and Rick Vigran, all of my coaches, and all of my friends and family!”

Courtney Wenker – Ohio Northern University, Diving
“I would really like to thank my mother and father who have been by my side throughout my whole diving journey. I appreciate the support and love that I get from them. I would also like to thank my brothers who have always supported me as well! I would like to thank my Indian Hill coaches, Matt and Ray, and most of all I would like to thank my club coaches, Coach Dave, Patti, Brandon, and all the rest who have helped me get to where I am today and who have helped me get to be college ready!

“I really want to thank my club teammates who have always supported me and cheered me on at big club meets and even nationals! I am just thankful for all the love and support I get from everyone who has been with me throughout my journey. A last thank you to those summer coaches who have cheered me on through the years, Trish, Alison, and Katherine.”

Photo caption: Indian Hill High School celebrated six student-athletes Wednesday, November 9 during a formal athletic signing ceremony, including seniors (L to R): Jordan Church, Emily Eckert, Mia Fiore, Gibson Holmes, Rose Vigran, and Courtney Wenker.