Indian Hill Latin Club earns 105 awards at 2023 OJCL Convention!

Latin Club

The Indian Hill School District congratulates and celebrates the Indian Hill Latin Club for earning 105 total awards, including 45 top-five finishes at the 2023 Ohio Junior Classical League (OJCL) Convention in Columbus! The 27 Indian Hill Middle School and Indian Hill High School students who participated earned fourth place overall.

“As always, our students represented themselves and Indian Hill well in every way, and, most importantly, they had fun,” said Indian Hill Middle School Latin Teacher Alex Fries. “We are incredibly proud of all they accomplished.”

Standout team and individual awards included:
    Novice Certamen: Arpad Lallement, Michael Miller, Xavier Sharif, and Victor Zhang placed second
    Intermediate Certamen: Casey de Blank, Kendall Higgins, and Sophie Tindale placed seventh
    Club Banner: Hannah Kremer, Ethan Sargeant, Alex Tasner, and Grace Wang, received “Good” rating
    Overall Sweepstakes: Arpad Lallement placed fifth
    Overall Graphic Arts Sweepstakes: Arpad Lallement placed seventh; Hannah Kremer placed 10th
    Overall Creative Arts Sweepstakes: Hrishi Rawat placed second
    Overall Academic Sweepstakes: Arpad Lallement placed fourth
    IHMS eighth grade students Arpad Lallement and Michael Miller placed in the top 10 in every test - wow!  
    Best in Shows: Hannah Kremer, Computer Enhanced Photography; Hrishi Rawat, Dramatic Interpretation; and Hrishi Rawat, English Oratory

Photo caption: “L” stands for Latin for the Indian Hill Latin Club at the 2023 Ohio Junior Classical League Convention in Columbus!