Music on Court: Indian Hill students partner with Artswave to give back

Music on Court

Indian Hill High School junior Eshaan Gandhi has been a student-musician within Indian Hill’s nationally recognized music education program since he joined the band in fifth grade. As his love of music evolved, his understanding of the benefits of music matured.
“As I grew older I quickly started using music to decompress and refocus,” said Gandhi. “I conducted research on the benefits of music on a neurological level and learned that music is a great tool for reducing anxiety and improving focus and performance.”
Gandhi said in the summer before his freshman year, he was recruited by the Cincinnati Tennis Foundation to teach music in their summer program, an opportunity that inspired new ideas.
“This opportunity opened my eyes to how beneficial programs like these were,” said Gandhi. “I also realized the impact this program could have on my community, and started to expand the program.”
Now, Gandhi has taken the love he developed for music and paired it with his passion to give back. Eshaan recruited his brother, Neelan, to help him start a new nonprofit organization, Music on Court. The brothers will teach music during the summer to students who otherwise would not have access. The venture was successful in securing a significant amount of funding from Cincinnati’s Artswave.
“This funding is going to help Music on Court in providing musical instruments for kids interested in music that simply can’t afford these resources,” said Gandhi. “We have found great value and help in partners like Cincinnati Tennis Foundation, Xavier University, and Zeigler Park.”

Learn more about the nonprofit here:

Photo caption: Indian Hill students and brother Eshaan and Neelan Gandhi founded a nonprofit, Music on Court, to teach music to students who otherwise would not have access. The mission secured funding by Artswave.