Indian Hill School District earns Auditor of State Award

Auditor of State Award

The Indian Hill School District is pleased to announce that the District and CFO/Treasurer Mick Davis earned the Ohio Auditor of State Award for 2021. The award notes, “The citizens you represent are well-served by your effective and accountable financial practices.”

“The Auditor of State Award is only issued to public entities which meet rigorous reporting requirements during the State’s financial audit,” said Indian Hill Board of Education President Bear Tullis. “This is an important recognition of the excellent work performed by our CFO, Mick Davis. Accurate and transparent financial reporting to our tax payers is critically important. On behalf of the entire Board of Education, I am thankful to Mick Davis for his excellent work benefitting our entire school community.”

Board of Education President Bear Tullis recognized and celebrated the efforts of Davis during the October 18 Board of Education meeting. Davis has earned the award multiple times during his tenure as CFO/Treasurer at the Indian Hill School District.

“We strive to be excellent stewards of taxpayer money, and we take our community’s investment in our promise to develop Learners as Doers, Learners as Individuals, and Learners as the Whole Child extremely seriously,” said Davis. “This award is a reflection of our Board of Education and administration’s commitment to conservative fiscal management, transparency, and strategic investment in our #IHPromise strategic plan; on behalf of our entire District, I accept this award. 

“Additionally, I want to offer a sincere message of appreciation to my team within the business office. Without their professionalism and attention to detail, this recognition could not be achieved.” 

Photo caption: Indian Hill Board of Education President Bear Tullis with Indian Hill School District CFO/Treasurer Mick Davis who earned the Ohio Auditor of State Award for excellence in financial reporting.