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Jena Bennett, Sophia Liu, Simon Lococo

Within the Class of 2021, there are five students who have each dedicated four years of study to the field of engineering through Indian Hill High School’s nationally recognized engineering program offered in partnership with Great Oaks. We want you to meet those students and hear directly from them how this unique educational offering has helped shape their future plans.

Meet Simon Lococo, Indian Hill High School Class of 2021

Future: I plan to major in biomedical engineering in college.

I've always loved math and science and engineering is where you apply both to make something.

The program at Indian Hill High School has helped me realize what aspects of engineering I like and what parts I find less enjoyable. For example, when we started learning how to create things in Autodesk I discovered how much I love making things in 3D.

I always loved working on group projects, my favorite was probably the machine control project. After the initial coding part, we got to design a challenge for our robots to travel through. It was a lot of fun to express our creativity and make a series of buttons and switches for our robots to follow. It was cool to try to design the challenge instead of solving it because it came with a whole new set of problems. 

I would tell potential students that the program is a really great because it's project-based. You spend most of your time doing hands-on work and making cool projects. You get to participate in a lot of group actives so you're always talking. You learn tons about a wide variety of engineering fields without even realizing you're learning.

Photo caption (L to R): Jena Bennett, Sophia Liu, Simon Lococo