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Indian Hill Primary School STEM Night brings 265 families together!


The whole school was invited, and 265 families sent in an RSVP of YES!

The second annual Indian Hill Primary School STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) Night was live, virtual, and open to all of the District’s youngest Braves on Thursday evening, February 25. This year, the event included a family friendly competition – SNOWBALL LAUNCH! Each child was given supplies to share with their family in designing a catapult to throw a "snowball" (frozen cotton ball).

“This was an incredible opportunity to bring families together in fun and learning and to create joy in the school-family connection,” said Indian Hill Primary School Principal Dr. Erin Owens. “STEM is not so much about science, technology, engineering, and math as it is application of those concepts. By harnessing the curiosity of our youngest learners, we aim to build innovative and resilient problem-solvers.

“Our evening was about creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking in a fun and warm environment that bridges home and school at a time when we can't bring families into our spaces.”

Owens said staff members worked diligently to create the unique, virtual experience – even packing more than 400 bags of supplies for the snowball launch challenge. Who won that contest, by the way? Our students!

“I am so proud of our students, excited for our families, and appreciative of our staff for creating such a memorable learning opportunity,” said Dr. Owens. “This was an amazing event because we have an exceptional team that made it happen.”

Photo caption: Indian Hill Primary School students joined family members for a special virtual STEM learning opportunity the evening of Thursday, February 25, 2021.