Welcome to Indian Hill Primary School!

When your children excitedly enter the Indian Hill Primary School doors for their first day of kindergarten, they are not thinking about what they'll need for a successful high school career. But we are, from the moment they arrive.

IHPS is truly the "Gateway to the Indian Hill School District," where students are supported and encouraged to start out on their most successful path academically, socially and extracurricularly. Students learn foundational concepts that ensure they will have a strong basis for moving through the various requirements and challenges at each grade level. Our small school and class sizes allow for personalization and differentiation to meet individual student needs. We constantly seek ways to challenge our students while fostering their creativity and love for learning.

When students "graduate" from second grade and move on to the Elementary School, they are more than ready to face new, bigger opportunities that will take them on the next step in their educational path.