Middle school-aged children, affectionately known as "tweens," are becoming more and more aware of the larger world around them. There is so much to explore, to experience – and it's our job as educators to grab that attention and focus it on building their academic prowess and interests.

That's why at IHMS, we focus on the "Three Rs:" Rigor, Relevance and Relationships. By keeping rigor high, we challenge students' excited minds and teach them how to question – and find answers. By demonstrating how things interconnect, how they apply to each student's life and relationships, we prove to them that there is value in what they are learning – and thus encourage them to seek to learn even more.

Middle School is an exciting and challenging time, in every aspect of our students' lives. When they are ready to move on to High School, we want them to possess the skills – academically, emotionally, and socially – to give it their all in high school and beyond. 

Guidance Counselors

Alphabet A-K: Nick Carpenter, [email protected]

Alphabet L-Z: Tarra Braunscheidel, [email protected]