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In this section, you will find various information you may need during the school year. Please navigate the topics through the menu to the right.

The Assignments page describes what you can expect for homework from IHMS and outlines the places you can find assignments and other information.

The BYO Technology page provides an overview of the BYO program, FAQs, software suggestions, and hardware considerations.

Lockdown Browser is where you will find information if your student needs to lock down his/her computer for testing.

Medical forms is where you will find the forms you need for your child to be administered either prescription or over-the-counter medication at school, as well as forms if your child needs an inhaler.

Physical Education Waiver provides the information you need for your student to apply to use sports or marching band credit for physical education classes.

Resources & Tools provides hotlines to a variety of helpful links for parents and students.

The School Program Videos page is where you can see a list of the programs filmed by Indian Hill Television Network that are available for purchase.

The School Safety Hotline is where you can report any sort of issue – anonymously – to the District.

The Student Handbook provides the most up-to-date version of the Indian Hill Middle School annual handbook.