The Indian Hill School District utilizes ongoing assessment practices to inform instruction within the classroom.  The District administers assessments to all students in select grade levels and content areas for instructional planning purposes.  The District uses assessment to:
  • Guide instruction
  • Scaffold activities for re-teaching, review, and enrichment
  • Differentiate curriculum
  • Benchmark student achievement locally, at the state level, and nationally
  • Assess student readiness for college and career endeavors
  • Determine student growth throughout and across school years
  • Meet the requirements of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee in kindergarten through grade three
  • Meet the requirements for Gifted and Talented Identification as described in the Indian Hill Gifted Handbook

The District participates in District-issued assessment protocol as well as assessment opportunities provided by the Ohio Department of Education and College Board. A summary of testing dates is included below:

District-issued assessments include achievement and ability testing. These assessments are nationally-normed and provide information about a student’s general achievement and aptitude in school. Teachers use the test results to verify the effectiveness of instructional plans in the classroom. Additionally, results of an ability assessment can be an identifier of giftedness in the area of superior cognitive ability. Often, the data points associated with an ability test are relatively stable throughout the student’s school career. 

Achievement assessment administration takes place in grade 1 - grade 7. Ability assessment administration takes place in grade 2, grade 4, grade 5, grade 6, and grade 7. 

If you are interested in your student taking one of these assessments outside of the specified grade level or as a retest opportunity, please visit the following links:

District Assessment Coordinator:
Dr. Melissa Stewart, Chief Academic Officer
[email protected]
(513) 272-4500

Building Contacts:
Indian Hill High School
Ester Hall
(513) 272-4544
[email protected]

Indian Hill Middle School                                                      
Drew Renner
(513) 272-4642
[email protected] 

Indian Hill Elementary School                                                      
Cash Hayden
(513) 272-4703
[email protected] 

Indian Hill Primary School 
Andy Gruber
(513) 272-4754
[email protected]

Types of Assessments

The District utilizes both summative and formative assessment types to gauge student learning and mastery of concepts.

Summative Assessments:  Assessments OF learning determine how much has been learned at a particular point in time (status check).

The characteristics of Assessments OF learning are:
  • One-test-fits-all, based on grade level standards or expectations
  • Compare students to other students
  • Report status after instruction has occurred
  • Focus on learned content or mastery
  • Examples include the Ohio Achievement Tests, Stanford Achievement Test, EXPLORE, PLAN, WrAP

Formative Assessments:  Assessments FOR learning provide feedback that is used to modify teaching and learning activities during instruction.

The characteristics of Assessments FOR learning are:

  • Adaptive for the individual student, thus content varies across grade levels
  • Compare students to self and other students
  • Inform instruction, provide information before, during and after instruction
  • Focus on growth based upon benchmarks and ongoing standards
  • Examples include teacher-constructed assessments such as pre/post tests

Districtwide Assessments

The District provides assessments for all students throughout the school year.  Those assessments are used to guide instruction.  An annual calendar of assessments can be found at Indian Hill Districtwide Assessment Timeline.  In addition to District provided assessments, each school may elect to administer additional formative and diagnostic measures to determine student’s mastery of curriculum and standards.