Stopfinder Parent App

Stopfinder is the all-in-one, easy to use app for viewing & 
sharing your student’s TRANSPORTATION SCHEDULE 
for the

If you are in need of bus schedule information please contact the Transportation Office 513-272-4531

Stopfinder is experiencing some issues and the their tech department is working to resolve them. If you have not received your invite - the plan is to send new ones sometime after Sept 5th. If you have an invite and are not seeing a schedule that you are expecting we are addressing this issue also.  
We are so excited about the app and had over 900 subscribers before the first day of school. Now that school has started we are busy with routes and route changes and apologize to those who have not received a successful invite.

The Stopfinder Google form has been disabled for now but we will make sure everyone who filled out the form and those who do not have an active account receive a new invite in September. Thank you!

 Stopfinder Parent Tutorial (How to share the app 1:43)

Geo Alert Info you should know: In the first couple of weeks as the teachers make sure all Primary and Elementary students are on their correct bus this may cause the buses to leave the Elementary School 10-15 minutes later than they do during the rest of the year. Set Geo Alerts for when the bus leaves the Elementary School - please know that the Primary School is picked up first and then it goes to the Elementary School which is where the route start times begin. 

What the App Can Do

  • View your student’s daily transportation assignments – including transfer trips and stops
  • Securely share your student’s schedule with caregivers
  • Receive notifications and updates related to transportation
  • Send real-time vehicle location notifications based on GeoAlert regions you create for your student
  • Send private messages to IH Transportation
  • Notice bus/driver substitutions in your child's schedule - reducing confusion.
  • Track multiple buses for different students, all in the same app
  • Know when your children arrive at school or at home with GeoAlerts

Install the App

The Stopfinder app is available for download in the App Store as well as Google Play.

Access Student Schedules

Access to student schedules is granted only to the student’s designated contacts by the Transportation Department. The Stopfinder contacts, at their own discretion, may share their student’s schedule with caregivers (sub-subscribers.) An invitation to activate your Stopfinder account will be sent via email from Stopfinder. 

Please Contact IH Transportation
  • If you have any questions regarding your student’s schedule