Stopfinder Parent App

All Primary and Elementary students are currently available for the StopFinder Parent App. Parents listed as the primary contact in Final Forms will receive an invitation to download the app from their app store. 
Middle School & High School Students coming soon!

If you can't find your invitation or it has expired contact the Transportation Dept. 513.272.4530

What StopFinder can do for you:
  1. Know your child's bus schedule
  2. Receive push notifications related to you child's bus schedule for any changes such as a late arriving bus due to trains, construction, etc. 
  3. Get real-time information on the location of you child's bus by creating GEO ALERT.pdf locations in the App. 
  4. Notice bus substitutions in your child's schedule - reducing confusion.
  5. Track multiple buses for different students, all in the same app.
  6. Know when your children arrive at school or at home.
  7. Create your own sub-subscribers for sharing your children's bus information.