Pick Up Patrol

Please be aware that Pick Up Patrol is an application used and initiated by Indian Hill Primary (272.4754) & Elementary (272.4703) schools. If you have questions about your account please call the school directly or visit the PUP FAQ page.

The transportation dept. uses the pickup patrol information to confirm default plans and daily changes as questions arise during dismissal but if your student needs to go to a different location we have implemented the online short-term and long-term alternative transportation forms. These forms are in addition to the PUP app. but are necessary so we can get your student scheduled on the correct bus and the correct information given to the driver in a timely manner. The short-term request requires 24 hours advance notice or Fri. by noon for Monday changes and 48 hours advance notice for long-term requests. See Alternative Transportation Forms Page.

How PUP Works

  1.  Set up your student's DEFAULT DISMISSAL PLAN - This is how your student will regularly be dismissed. 

  2. When needed, parents can SUBMIT DAILY CHANGES from their student's default plan. This can be done days, weeks, or months in advance.  

  3. PUP will automatically compile the information, providing the office staff with a full view of everything that’s going on in the system.

  4. Once a day, a list of plan changes is automatically sent to teachers, who will