Sharing Our Brave Story

Sharing our story - that is an integral part of the #IHPromise

Through video, within our printed and electronic publications, using our website, and with each post on our social media channel, we strive to bring you inside our classrooms, auditoriums, and arenas to see the unparalleled opportunities our world-class faculty and staff create for our students. 

Your Brave journey in Indian Hill School District communications begins here. 

Welcome home. 

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From our annual Quality Profile report, to our annual Finanical Prospectus our goal with our printed publications is to provide our stakeholders a a transparent look at the way we do business as we celebrate our amazing students & world-class faculty and staff.


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Meet our Brave Communications Team

Heather Higdon, Chief Communications Officer
Board of Education Office

District X: @IHSchools

My #IHPromise - share the magic of the Indian Hill Exempted Village School District. 

Rachel Price
Rachel Price, Executive Administrative Assistant/Communications Specialist
Board of Education Office
My #IHPromise - to tell the story of the incredible students, staff, and families of IHSD in order to inspire others to live, work, and play to their fullest potential.