BRAVE Mental Health and Wellness

Welcome: A message from Pupil Services Director Erica Leppert

#BRAVE Minds

We care for the whole child; it is our #IHPromise. Part of our work as a learning community to develop #BRAVEminds is through equipping our families with a robust offering of Brain Health programs and resources to foster mental wellness.

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Emergency Numbers

  • If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, call 911
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline- call or text 988
  • Cincinnati Children’s Psychiatric Intake Response Center- (513) 636-4124, [email protected]

Building Contacts

  • Primary School- Jennifer Earhart, (513) 272-4760
  • Elementary School- Sarah Kellett, (513) 272-4714
  • Middle School- Nick Carpenter, (513) 272-4653, Tarra Braunscheidel (513) 272-4654
  • High School- Lateef Johnson (513) 272-4565, Nollis Cottrell (513) 272-4563, Lindsay Kearns (513) 272-4568, Donita Jackson (513) 272-4506, Amy Van Strien (513) 272-4564

Primary Partners