Pupil Services

The Pupil Services Department directs all aspects of the Indian Hill Exempted Village School District’s special education programming, section 504, gifted education, student health services, student intervention, and English as a second language, as well as student assessment.

Erica Leppert
Director of Pupil Services
(513) 272-4500

English Language Learners

The English Language Learner program (ELL) is intended to identify and serve students who need English language support services. The program screens all students upon their initial entry into the District to determine whether the student’s home environment includes a language other than English and whether the student has limited English proficiency (LEP). Students identified as LEP are given ELL services by an English language learner teacher.  Students receive services as needed which include acquisition of English in reading, writing, listening, and speaking guided by the English Language Proficiency Standards (found here).  ELL students are assessed annually using the state Ohio English Language Proficiency Assessment (OELPA). When the student meets appropriate transitional criteria, the student exits the ELL program.

The ELL program is mandated under both Title III of the No Child Left Behind Act and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In addition, the 1974 Lau v. Nichols ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court and the Equal Education Opportunities Act of 1974 require school districts to take affirmative steps to ensure that ELL students can meaningfully participate in their educational programs and services.

Title I Reading Intervention

Across the District, we have reading specialists designed to work with students who struggle with aspects of reading including fluency, decoding, and comprehension. Students who are reading below grade level may receive additional support through a reading specialist. When determining which students are to receive services, school educators examine a number of factors, including class progress, scores on state and national achievement tests, and performance feedback from teachers and parents. Students may be pulled to a small group within the regular classroom or in the reading specialist’s classroom.

Multi-Level Tiers of Support/Student Intervention

At times, students may require interventions and support to meet their academic potential. These are referred to as Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS). Throughout the Indian Hill School District, educators use many techniques to provide those ongoing interventions and supports. For example, within the regular classroom (tier 1) teachers may use homework charts and planners, frequent reading checks, or seating close to the board to help support a student. Within the second level of intervention (tier 2), specialists may consult and/or work with a student to target areas of need. This may include reteaching of key concepts in small group instruction. The third level of intervention (tier 3) may include more concentrated and frequent supports in a smaller group. These interventions may include daily interventions within a reading group. A team of educators at your student’s building will meet with you to discuss any supports and interventions your student may need to support his/her success.

Free and Reduced Lunch

Children need healthy meals to learn. Indian Hill Exempted Village School District offers healthy meals every school day. Your children may qualify for free meals or reduced-price meals. To learn more about the USDA's Free and Reduced Price Lunch Program please log into Final Forms and complete the Free & Reduced Price Meals form.