Mental Wellness

The Indian Hill School District partners with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to provide families access to additional private mental health support services for students. This allows families the choice of accessing a private therapist from a nationally renowned research hospital right here on the Indian Hill Schools campus. It also reduces the time students miss attending class, and eliminates the need for parents and students to travel to these appointments.

The District also works with MindPeace, a local organization that helps align the partners, infrastructure and processes for children’s mental health solutions between schools and local agencies. MindPeace helped identify Children’s as the most appropriate partner for our District and continues to work with us to support and enhance the services we provide our students.

Children’s provides an independently licensed social worker plus a clinical psychologist to privately serve students with significant mental health challenges. These optional services will be in addition to those offered by our school guidance counselors and psychologists.

Two therapists are on site five days a week to meet with students, as needed. Flexible hours before and after school are available as needed. Contact your child's counselor if you need assistance.

1N5 is a third organization with whom we partner to help support mental wellness among all our students. 1N5 is focused on making a difference in how we talk about mental health. 

For more information about these partnerships, please contact Erica Leppert, Director of Pupil Services, or Amy Van Strien, School Psychologist.


MindPeace Logo The purpose of MindPeace is to align the partners, the infrastructure, and the processes for children’s mental health solutions. In collaboration with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, the Hamilton County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board, the Community Learning Center Institute, and other key community partners, increasing children’s access to quality mental health services became our goal. MindPeace works to unite the right teams so kids and their families can get the mental health care they need.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Logo Dedicated to Collaboration, Transparency and Improving Outcomes
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital believes that involving your family in our care team will provide the best possible outcomes for your child. Through transparency, collaboration and a dedication to finding the best care approaches, we have become a world leader in pediatric medical care.

We collaborate with families on many levels, including in the development of evidence-based care recommendations. Evidence-based care recommendations are published as Evidence-Based Care Guidelines or Best Evidence Statements (BESts), and more than 100 care recommendations have been developed. These recommendations are focused on acute and chronic childhood conditions (such as asthma, gastroenteritis, pain management) as well as for care areas (family-centered care, patient safety)..  Anyone may browse these recommendations, which are listed by topic / condition, specialty / discipline, or type of guidance (disease management, intervention / therapy, nursing care).

To demonstrate our collaborative approach to care, we fully support transparency. We’re willing to talk about the bad, as well as the good, and we readily share data on patient satisfaction and outcomes, helping your family be better involved in the care process.
1N5 Logo Mental health is a national issue that impacts people of all ages, demographics and income. The facts on mental health conditions in our country are astounding. 1N5's ongoing goal is to spread awareness and education about the wide variety of mental health issues so that we may change the stigma surrounding mental health. Help yourself or someone you love by learning more about mental health.