Where is the Transportation Department located?
6200 Drake Road, Cincinnati, OH 45243. The office is located directly behind the soccer field, next to the bus parking area. There is a driveway leading back to the building right next to the soccer field, to the north of Indian Hill Elementary School.

What are the Transportation Department office hours?
Operating hours are from 6:45 AM – 4:45 PM.

Who do I contact at the Transportation office when I have a question or concern?
Diane Spurlock, Transportation Director
(513) 272-4532 or [email protected]

Nick Darnell, Assistant Director and Routing Specialist
(513) 272-4531 or [email protected]

In our absence, our phone system will receive your call and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Who will be driving my child to school?
The Indian Hill School District employs only those individuals who meet a list of requirements established by the Ohio Department of Education and the Indian Hill Board of Education which include: an excellent driving record; physical qualification (must pass a physical and drug/alcohol screening prior to employment and then each year thereafter); Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation personal background check; extensive training by certified instructors and ongoing inservice; possess a Commercial Driver License (CDL), to name a few.

May I ride the bus with my child to/from school?
The Ohio Department of Education Pupil Transportation Operation and Safety Rules prohibit us from allowing parents to ride the school bus with their child to/from school.

Parents who serve as a chaperone for a field trip may ride the bus as it leaves from the school. Younger siblings are not permitted to accompany their parents on these trips.

Will I receive a notification regarding my child’s bus schedule?
Parents may access Stopfinder to retrieve their child's bus stop location information, including student pick-up and drop-off times, or call the office at 513.272.4531
The Transportation Department does not send bus passes or written notifications. Although you will receive a pick-up time, please remember that due to absent riders and fluctuating traffic conditions that time can vary. Students should be standing at their Place of Safety by the Pickup time given. The best plan for afternoon drop-off is to be home, ready to receive your student at the school’s dismissal time. To assure the safety of our Kindergarten students, our bus drivers are directed to only drop off a child who is safely in the hands of an approved adult when discharged at the bus stop. Students who are not met at the bus stop will be returned to school and will need to be picked up by an approved adult.

What if my child must attend a daycare center (other than KGS) or babysitter before or after school?
The Transportation Office is happy to work with parents to arrange transportation from/to destinations that are in the Indian Hill School District. Please review the long-term request procedure on the Alternative Transportation page.

May my child visit with another student and ride the bus with him/her before or after school? 
Yes, requests of this nature must be submitted to the school or Transportation Office - please review the short-term request procedure on the Alternative Transportation page.  Short-term requests are granted on a space-available and first-come, first-served basis.

If an emergency should arise and I cannot be home for my child’s arrival, can alternative arrangements be made?
Emergency requests should be directed to the Transportation Office at (513) 272-4531. We will make every effort to accommodate your request. The Transportation office maintains 2-way radio communication with every bus if a last-minute emergency arises.

What if my child loses something on the bus?
Lost items are returned to the owner the next time the student rides the bus. If an item remains unclaimed after one week, it will be placed in the lost and found box at the Transportation Department.