Alternative Transportation

CHANGES to your student's normal transportation plan

  • Drivers will not accept a student not assigned to their bus on without permission from the Transportation Dept. office. 
  • Please know your student's school ID # and assigned bus # for the AM & PM. 
  • Sign up for Stopfinder to track your child’s current bus and route information.
  • Please read Alternative Transportation Guideline.

*The online form is provided for your convenience but we must be able to confirm the details. The contact information given in this form (email & phone #) must match the contact information in Final Forms. Please make sure that your Final Forms are up-to-date. You will also be required to know and submit your student's school ID number on the Online Form.
Please contact the Primary School (513) 272-4754 or the Elementary School (513) 272-4703 for additional assistance.

The student will be given a bus pass that they must present to the bus driver. 
Please contact the Middle School (513) 272-4642 or High School (513) 272-4550 for additional assistance.

If the student does not have a signed permission slip from the office the, bus driver is not permitted to transport that student. Once a student boards the bus, he or she will not be permitted to disembark unless a parent or school official asks for his or her release. A parent may be required to show identification and sign a release form.