Licensure Information

Renewing your professional license

Preparation for Licensure Renewal
  • Develop a five-year Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) and submit it through PDExpress. Once submitted, activities toward renewal may begin.
  • If approval is not granted, revise IPDP and resubmit within 30 days.
  • As you are working on fulfillment of IPDP goals, maintain documentation and update activities on PDExpress.
  • Fingerprints and a background check will need to be completed every five years as well.  Both can be completed at the Board Office for a cost of $46.

Requirements for Licensure Renewal
The state of Ohio requires the completion of six semester hours of graduate credit or 18 Continuing Education Units, or a combination of both.

Click here for Licensure and Certification Renewal Handbook

Procedures for Licensure Renewal
Apply Online

Using the My Educator Profile tool, educators can update their demographic data and pay licensure fees online using a credit card.

Access My Educator Profile by signing into SAFE.

Teachers should submit their application for renewal to ODE no later than June 30 of the year of expiration.

For Resident Educators

The Ohio Resident Educator Program is a 4-year induction system of support and mentoring for new teachers.  Successful completion of the residency program is required to qualify for a 5-year professional educator license.

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